Phoenix Small Business Relationship Building and Networking!


So what is Network Together About?About Network Together

It is the connections! Where Networking, Seminars and Social Media promotes the fostering of relationships, that create community whereby commerce follows. 

Network together is a small business networking and personal development organization that helps entrepreneurs grow their business in a powerful way. As Members, we seek to expand our circles of influence, strengthen our community, network with various small business owners in local areas. As we grow, we find local “mom and pop” businesses to partner with to help extend their reach.

We are not industry exclusive, nor do our members get locked into “a” chapter, and we choose to be inclusive and not exclusive to any business owner who decides to join as we are a Relationship Building and Business Networking Group.

Network Together members create the opportunity to share ideas, contacts, participate in activities, through Learnshops and workshops, and most importantly, business referrals. As we get to know each other our collective reach grows far beyond the circle of influence any one person can achieve on his or her own.

Partial List of some Network Together Benefits

1. Directory profile includes a link to your website which is great for SEO

2. Members can attend all chapters without additional membership costs

3. Members have access to our member only Facebook page

4. Word-of-mouth marketing by all the members (who sell for each other not to each other)

5. Right to promote through all the business binders for only a $5 donation per chapter

6. No Forced food/meal costs at venues

7. Venue partners who pledge to actively promote our members

8. Right to inclusion to our “Media Nights” and special events

9. Attendance in all of our trainings and workshops

10. Active Educational and Promotional Facebook pages

11. With continuous membership, renewals are $99 for life

12. Community Showcases – with East -West Valley exposure

13. No attendance requirements, no fees for missed meetings

14. Themed Chapters and Coach Mentors

15. Partnerships with various organizations….this periodically changes

16. We are inclusive, not exclusive and much more!