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About Network Together

Public Speaking, Personal Development, Business Networking in Phoenix, Mesa and GoodyearIt is about the connections! Where Public Speaking, Personal Development, Mixers, Seminars and Social Media promote the fostering of relationships that create community whereby commerce follows.  Network Together is a business networking and personal development organization helping entrepreneurs grow their business in powerful ways. Members expand their sphere of influence, strengthen community, serve youth and network with various business owners. As membership grows, members develop partnerships to help extend their reach through our chapters, Mixers (called NetMashs) and MetMob concepts.

As inclusive organization, members do not get locked into “a chapter,” rather our format allows members to choose all the available chapters Network Together offers for their personal development and business growth. Business owners and professionals that join find that our organization is a Relationship Building, Community-Minded, Service-oriented Business Networking Marketplace.

It is through relationship building where members collectively grow far exceeding their own personal circle of influence. Only those who are participating in activities such as Netshops, Masterminds and Showcases are manifesting the impact necessary to create credibility, accelerate exposure, and exert the influence needed for ultimate success.

The Top 30 Network Together Benefits

  1. 17 Arizona Chapter locations
  2. Nevada and California Locations
  3. Chapters are non-industry exclusive
  4. Membership includes all active chapters,
  5. 17 weekly Chapter meetings
  6. 2 Chapter Night Time Networking Opportunites
  7. 4 Quarterly Potluck Mixers
  8. 4 Quarterly NetMobs
  9. 4 Annual specialty networking events
  10. Over 1000 total networking opportunities in a 12-month calendar
  11. Online Member directory with Member Dashboard and APP
  12. Over 20,000+ monthly page views to the website
  13. Average # of pages viewed on the website – 4
  14. New Member training with a framed Certificate of Completion
  15. On-going monthly member training
  16. Member sponsorship opportunities at events
  17. Facilitators, Ambassadors, and Showcase Chair positions available per chapter
  18. Monthly Facilitator training
  19. 7 Committee Chairs to choose between
  20. Speaker Bureau opportunities
  21. No forced food purchases at venue locations
  22. Member business showcases
  23. Attendance to meetings is encouraged and not required
  24. Learn shops focused on helping member businesses grow, develop, and increase
  25. Network Together Angel Foundation – for members in a time of need
  26. Monthly Network Together Newsletter
  27. Member-to-Member specials and discounts
  28. Professional Member videos and headshots available
  29. Non-member showcases
  30. Corporate Sponsorships